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Profiled square logs

tongue-and-groove log system
these logs come in 10 typical sizes

Several years ago we have started producing profiled square logs ready for house-building. Temporarily range of finished products was limited to the production of planed softwood timber, without sidetracking the crown compounds (cups). Production of the finished wall material with bowls provided in accordance with the project documentation has already started - today you can buy a profiled bar with the crown compounds slaughtered under the project.

Sizes (mm): 190х190; 140х190; 90х190; 140х140; 90х140; 90х90
Species: pine and fir

Manufacturer: YUMAX (Kirov Region, Russia)


Product List Size, мм Metric Unit Price, RUB
planed logs notched logs planed logs notched logs
natural moisture kiln-dried (18-24%)
Profiled Square Log 190х190 m3        

Antiseptic treatment for transportation (3 monts warranty) - 250 RUB/м3;
Cutting grooves for doors/windows montage - 250 RUB/м3;
Making holes for dowels- 500 RUB/м3;

Profile #1 (plain)

профиль гладкий

Profile #2 (double tapered tongue-and-groove)

профиль шпунт-гребень с 2 шипами

Profile #3 (triple tapered tongue-and-groove)

профиль 3 шипа

Profile #4

профиль гребенка

Profile #5 (norge)

профиль норвежский

Profile #6 (D-Shape)

профиль выпуклый