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Verkhoshizhemye village, Kirov Region, Russia
Sales Office in Kirov:
Karl Marx Street 99, app. 12

Our company is founded in 1991 by Slivnitsyn Yury Guryevich. The enterprise at that time was small sawmill. At once has been headed for production of wooden fellings from the rounded log. All these years our business grew together with our collective. Today we are team which on a shoulder any tasks.

Main Office in Kirov

Karl Marx Street 99, app. 12

Sales Manager:

Phone: 8-800-707-32-43 (russian only)
from Monday till Friday 9:00-18:00

Commercial Director:

+7 922-668-21-57 (russian only)

Email: yumax@bk.ru


Kurenskaya Street,
Verkhoshizhemye Village,
613310 Kirov Region,
Phone: +7 (83335) 2-16-86
Mobile Phone: +7 912-378-37-80

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    Houses from the pro-thinned-out bar. Pogonazhny products. Thermowood

    Design, own production of domokomplekt and construction. Production of the thermomodified wood. Planed погонаж: lining, imitation of a bar, планкен, floor board. Terrace and deck board, планкен thermoprocessed. Lath.

    The registered trademark which owner is the Individual entrepreneur Yury Slivnitsyn.

    Today under the YuMAKS brand we project, we make and we build wooden houses of the pro-thinned-out bar, we project and we build of the rounded log and a glued bar. We produce more than ten positions of planed pogonazhny products: floor boardliningimitation of a barfront boardlath etc. We have mastered technology of thermomodification of wood and release a front board, a terrace and deck board.

    Wide experience, quality and reliability of work since 1991. We respect and carry out state standard specifications and DINY, are developed by TU on the pro-thinned-out bar. We work in the form of SP, so, we answer with personally all the property. We quote the prices honestly are without the hidden additional payments. A convenient transport arrangement is near the route.