Project of the wooden house. Bashkiria, 188.63 sq.m.

The house from the pro-thinned-out bar
1 891 144 r.
* The price is given with regard to construction in the city of Kirov in the finished basement walls with tie girders, and the unit truss system. The cost of construction in other settlements it is necessary to check with the Manager. The cost of delivery and unloading of the material in the calculation are not included.
10 026 r. / sq.m.
Total area 188.63 m2
Brus 190х190 102.73 m3
Pilomaterial 9.96 m3
The project can be corrected or do the project individually according to Your wishes

In the cost of Assembly is included:

Wall set
Installation of walls
Timber on overlappings and rafter system
Insert of beams
Device of rafter system

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