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Personal project

You have looked at our standard projects and are already targeting prices, but not a single project suits you? And that's right. It should be so, because each project was developed to meet the needs of a particular customer. You need your project that will reflect only your needs.

Use ready-made drawings of typical projects as tips. Look for specialized magazines or visit the exhibition of wooden housing. Think about what you like in the proposed options, and what is not. After all, the first thing to do is decide which house you need. Make a wish list and diagram of the house (not necessarily detailed), in order to later communicate with the designer in more detail.

Do you want your wishes to be guessed, and the architecture of the house turned out to be a reflection of your psychological portrait? In this case, you need to contact an experienced architect with the name. You can find such an architect at specialized exhibitions, architectural competitions, after looking at the works of nominees for architectural awards. However, the work of such an architect will cost more than one hundred thousand rubles.

Already have the outline of the future home? Found a suitable project? We will make for you a preliminary calculation with an error of 10-15% for free! It is important to understand: the exact cost of the house is calculated on the basis of the final approved project with ready-made specifications and cutting cards, where all the nuances are taken into account and the exact amount of material is known. Therefore, at the stage of working with approximate sketches, the price will also be approximate.

Cost of design work

The cost of the project work itself is calculated based on the footage of the house. Our designer will develop a project for a house of any complexity, and if necessary, prepare for you photorealistic 3D-visualization. Everything is agreed with the customer! You can work with our designer in the office or remotely via e-mail and other instant messengers.

When ordering a project, also remember that it is better to contact the company that will implement it. No one wants to be responsible for the mistakes of others.

Price for project work

Project work
  Profiled timber,
round log
Frame house Timber frame
Sketch 50 rub/m3 75 rub/m3 Personally
Sketch + walls 100 rub/m3 150 rub/m3 Personally
Sketch + walls + overlaps + roof 200 rub/m3 300 rub/m3 Personally
Sketch + walls + overlaps + roof + 3D-visualisation 300 rub/m3 400 rub/m3 Personally

Exact calculation at the price of the sketch

Are you not satisfied with the cost of design, as well as free calculation with an accuracy of 10-15%? Do you need an accurate calculation for the house, but you are not sure that you will design and build with our company?

We make you a unique offer! Pay only for the cost of the sketch, and all design drawings and specifications, our company will do at its own expense. As a result, you will receive a complete and accurate calculation of the house, along with sketched drawings, on the basis of which you can enter into an agreement and fix the cost.

Construction estimate

The result of working with our designer will be an album with sketch drawings, and with design drawings from the ATyventsy program, as well as a specification and a map of cutting materials that will form the basis of the cost estimate for the contract.

The total amount of the approved estimates is prescribed in the contract and can not be changed. Our client must know the construction budget in advance! So that during construction there will be no "surprises" and the house was completed on time according to the approved schedule.

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