Assembling a house from profiled beam

Properties profiled beam in recent years have made it a popular material in the construction of country houses and baths. Buildings from such a bar due to modern installation technologies are erected quickly, while they have a long service life. Profiled beam has a high thermal insulation index. And it is also an environmentally friendly material and does not require additional wall finishing.

The construction of saunas from the profiled beam on a turn-key basis is carried out using the same technologies as building houses and has no fundamental differences.

The market for proposals for construction from profiled beams is now oversaturated. Moreover, companies of different levels. Therefore, when choosing them, it is worth paying attention to some factors.

Maxim Slivnicin, сommercial вirector of company "Yumax":

"The technical processes of most enterprises are similar. Therefore, many decide the price and perception of the image of the company. Customers should have a pleasant impression of production and from communication with staff".

When choosing a company that you trust in the construction of your house, it is worth paying attention to the scale of production and its accuracy. Many companies involved in the construction of wooden houses, do not have their own logging and woodworking production. However, if there is a chance to visit the enterprise, do not give up on it. The clients of the company "Jumax" there is an opportunity to visit the production in Verkhozhizhem and check the quality of the materials for future homes.

An important criterion in choosing an enterprise is its experience. The company "Yumax" is more than 10 years, carries out the construction of houses from profiled beam on a turn-key basis. At design and construction all details and subtleties of work with a bar are considered. Only coniferous tree species are used when working. They are pine and spruce.

What is better: to order a house kit and to assemble a house or a bath from it independently or to trust a professional and choose turnkey construction?

You need to know that the kit for building a house includes only a wall kit. The remaining equipment lumber (on beams, rafters, rough floors, lathing) is selected at the request of the customer. A company specialist will pay attention to this, you need to be prepared for such a question.

When you have received the ordered housing kit, you will need to act on your own. To select the necessary supplies, accessories.

In the case of the construction of houses from profiled beam on a turn-key basis, the customer has a number of advantages. Experienced specialists themselves are engaged in the selection and purchase of necessary materials, carries out all construction and installation work, perform a finishing operation. This makes the build process more convenient for the customer and saves time. A house and a bath, erected according to all the rules of the technology of laying the beam, will keep the heat in the room so important in winter.

So, when ordering a house or bath from a profiled beam on a turnkey basis, the client will be able to settle into his new warm, cozy home much faster and avoid the headache with self-assembly.