Assembling a house from profiled beams using house kits

Building a house from profiled beams can be done in several ways.

You can order material and build a house yourself from scratch. In this case, you need to possess, if not experience, at least minimal knowledge in the construction industry.

It is possible to order a house kit with its subsequent self-assembly. Of course, assembling a house from a profiled beam, manufactured in the form of details under the project, will take considerably less time and effort from you.

If you want your sauna or house to be assembled quickly and qualitatively, then it's worth turning to professionals. They will help you with the order of the house kit and will carry out its assembly on a turn-key basis. Remember that only with experience does attention to detail come. And only professionals will be able to take into account all the nuances when working with material. Having spent a little more money during the construction phase of the house, you will save a considerable amount on further improvements. After all, they will not be needed.

A set for assembling a house from profiled beams necessarily includes wall details. The remaining materials are added to the package at the request of the customer and in the required volume. In addition, your package may include lumber for beams, roofing systems, weaving, roughing floor, intervent insulation, birch dowels, roofing materials, etc.

When assembling houses and baths from a profiled beam, there are special features. They make the erected buildings so comfortable in operation.

Due to the longitudinal grooves during assembly, the profiled bar sits more tightly. This allows you to minimize the distance between the beams, avoid the appearance of cracks and keep the heat in the house. Therefore, the profiled beam is perfect for building both cottages and bathhouses, as well as all-year-round houses.

Profiled beam is already smooth from the start, so it does not require additional finishing. Therefore, it costs a little more than a regular (sawn) timber. The walls from the profiled bar look neatly at the construction stage.

The disadvantages of a profiled beam include the significant shrinkage of the building in the first year after its erection. However, this property is inherent in houses and baths and from sawn timber or round logs.

So, there are more positive moments in using a profiled beam in the construction of a wooden house. A house made of such material will undoubtedly become an ornament of your site. By choosing a profiled beam, you will receive a warm, environmentally friendly material that does not require additional finishing.