Construction of houses and baths from round logs


At construction of wooden houses one more popular material remains the rounded log. It makes a big competition to the profiled beam.

What is this material and how justified is its relevance?

Round logs is material that has been processed on mechanical equipment and has the same diameter along its entire length. For ease of installation in the log cut out the "cups" in accordance with the project. Round logs can be used for building houses and bathhouses.

Experts consider this material very ambiguous. Thus, the cost of 1 cubic meter of rounded logs is lower than the similar volume of the profiled beam. However, in order to achieve the same safety of heat, which is inherent in houses from profiled beams, a larger volume of round logs will be required. And the final cost of the house will eventually be more expensive.

The profiled beam and the rounded log have in their construction the bowl. When installing a house from a beam a bowl is used in the form of a labyrinth lock. This provides reliable protection against drafts and cold. When installing a house or a bath from round logs, a classical semicircular bowl is used. Its application has its own adverse consequences. Over time, the insulation from the loose fitting of the logs will be blown and dropped out. And the house becomes colder. Thus, after several years of operation, it will require caulking gaps. Houses collected from a profiled beam do not suffer from this.

The construction of houses from logs requires a deliberate choice. Practice shows that this material is suitable for building a weekend house. And here for houses year-round stay it is necessary to use bars of rectangular forms. Clearly protruding semicircular forms of rounded logs quickly get bored, and therefore they force the landlord to do additional finishing. For this reason, the construction of saunas from round logs is more common.

Maxim Slivnicin, director of the company «Yumax»:

«When a person lives permanently in a city apartment, on weekends he wants to feel the atmosphere of a wooden house. Due to the volume of round logs, in this regard, there are more advantages. It looks more natural and fabulous. If there is another task, the construction of a house of permanent residence, it is better to choose a profiled beam. The house will be perceived calmer».

It is also worth noting that round logs require periodic cleaning of the walls, since dust is accumulating on the protruding parts of the log. In this regard, the profiled beam is again more practical.

So, choosing the material for the construction of your future beloved home, ask yourself first of all a few questions: how often will I be here? And at what time of the year? Having received answers for yourself, you can easily determine what your house will be made of: a profiled beam or round logs. It will remain only for the choice of a reliable construction company.