Bases at construction of the wooden house:

we understand terminology

One of the most demanded types of a domostroitelstvo remain construction of wooden houses: the pro-thinned-out bar and the rounded log by a number of criteria still take the leading positions. Those who has stopped the choice on these materials should master bases at construction of the wooden house. To speak one language with professionals, to competently explain the wishes concerning the project and as a result, to receive the expected result. In this article the list of the basic concepts with which the staff of the companies in the sphere of a wooden domostroitelstvo operates is prepared.


Socle waterproofing is the material protecting the place of an adjunction of a felling to a socle.

The part of the wooden house adjoining the socle/base is most subject to rotting. It happens because of continuous contact with moisture. To prolong the term of operation of the house, the place of contact of concrete (a brick, a stone) with the lower wreath lay waterproofing materials. They minimize contact of a tree with water. As such materials the okleechny waterproofing, obmazochny moisture protective structures (mastic, the knitting plaster, cement, bitumen) are used.


Wreath is one number of the bars located perpendicularly each other.

Wreaths build walls of the wooden house. The cabin is begun with a so-called, okladny (first) wreath. At installation situations of his replacement as the lower wreaths begin to decay before top are provided.
At the edges bars have connecting elements – bowls. They help to collect the house quickly. But for durability of connection of it it isn't enough. The bar is also fastened by means of nagely.


Nagel is wooden fixture (bar) fastening house wreaths. 

The core is established in an opening then the log of the following wreath is got on him. Thus, won't be able to change the provision relatively each other of a log in the course of shrinkage any more. Besides, wooden Nagel has a number of advantages before a metal nail: isn't exposed to corrosion, don't interfere with natural shrinkage of the house, decreasing in the diameter together with the pro-thinned-out bar.


Cutting is a junction of wooden elements of the building.

In a felling from the pro-thinned-out bar angular cuttings of two types are used:

- with a bar ledge out of structure limits;

- without ledge when the corner is executed on construction dimensions.


Mezhventseva heater is the material which is used for warming of joints between logs. It always natural, ecologically safe raw materials.

As mezhventsevy fibrous mineral heaters, a heat-insulating tape, a flax fiber, hemp are used. Jute is most popular.


Several rows of the wreaths fastened by means of wooden with nagely form a house felling.

Felling is a wooden structure from the processed logs without a floor and a roof.

The houses built on technology of assembly of a felling allow to build the building both at acceptable cost and in short lines. On the site the ready numbered details which gather by the principle of the designer are brought.

After assembly of a felling works on construction of a roof begin. She assumes all difficulties of weather conditions (rainfall, wind), and therefore has to be not less strong, than the base.

Rafter system is the roof framework characterizing her bearing abilities.

The rafter system has to conform to the following requirements: rigidity, the minimum weight, qualitative material (wood with first on the third grade). Surely rafter system is processed by an anti-septic tank and fire-retarding agent.
The rafter system can be odnoskatny, duo-pitch, chetyryokhskatny and broken. It depends on a form of the roof provided on the project. The design of the house also defines appearance of a pediment. One more element of design – a bay window.

Pediment is the end of a facade of the building limited on each side to roof slopes.

Bay window is the glazed room ledge going beyond an external wall of the house.

After the end of construction of the house from the pro-thinned-out bar of its owners transformation of wooden designs waits. It is connected with process of shrinkage to which wood is subject.

Shrinkage is reduction of volume of the wooden house owing to wood drying.

Most painfully shrinkage affects on window and doorways. Not to allow their deformation, upsetting boxes are established.

Upsetting box is a rectangular element in an aperture of windows and doors, preventing their deformation in the course of shrinkage of the wooden house.

After acquaintance to basic concepts of a wooden domostroitelstvo it will be much simpler to communicate with professionals to you. This moment, certainly, to the best will affect the end result.