Houses from the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer


You can buy домокомплект from the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer in the Yumaks company. For 17 years we prepare wood and we carry out construction of wooden houses. "Yumax" is one of the largest logging enterprises in the territory of the Kirov region. The area of forestry of the enterprise is 5322 hectares. Average power: 200-220 m3 of domokomplekt a month.

The pro-thinned-out bar from the producer: work stages.

1. Raw materials preparation
After the tree was cut down, directly on an allotment the trunk is cleaned from krone and knots. The cleaned trunk in logging call "switch". By means of the tractor switches transport on a platform where work of a raskryazhovshchik begins. He cuts wood on assortments 6 m long. It is standard length, optimum for the subsequent formation of domokomplekt from the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer.

Experts consider winter the best for wood preparation season. In April and May, September and October, as a rule, wood isn't prepared. Reason: adverse weather conditions for work, dirt and dampness, it is impossible to take out the wood. In June and November the cabin of the wood renews.

2. Sorting and transportation
Further on timber carrying vessels already sorted wood is delivered to the territory of production base. All wood is divided into 2 types: business and wood. At first from an allotment, for maintaining quality, business wood is taken out. In a consequence she goes for construction of houses. And wood it is delivered to the population and local boiler rooms as heating material.

3. Processing
Wood processing is the main process of logging production. The main directions of the Yumaks company – housing construction and the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer. Therefore wood is processed on a bar with section from 140x140mm to 200x200mm. Also at the enterprise pogonazhny products are made: floorboard, lining, eurolining, imitation of a bar.



4. Drying
Important stage in wood processing is her drying. The pro-thinned-out bar dries up to 18%-20%, a board is up to 12%. 3 drying cameras of single loading of 60 m3 everyone work at the Yumaks enterprise. Before loading in the camera timber keeps within drying packages. During the winter period on drying more than 10 days are necessary. In summer when wood dries also in the natural way, the procedure takes about 3 days. Today process of drying is monitored by automatic equipment. Sensors fix humidity and temperature, as required regulate it.

5. Development of the project
At office of the company the designer develops projects of future houses, chertyozh where all necessary details and their parameters are specified are created. After a chertyozha gets on production where domokomplekta are formed of the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer.

6. Marking, packing and storage
After the drying camera the bar gets on a warehouse. Conditions for storage of the pro-thinned-out bar mean existence of a canopy (as a last resort) or the enclosed space (it is ideal: with adjustable levels of humidity and temperature). Wood has to be surely protected from influence of weather conditions. A part of a bar is used at once: details according to drawings are cut. On readiness they are marked and packed. Thanks to marking the crew on the building site needs to collect the house from details by the principle of the designer.



Wood for the purpose of maintaining the properties passes several stages of processing on production. The specialized equipment and work of experts with long-term experience is involved in process. Therefore buying the pro-thinned-out bar or domokomplekta from the pro-thinned-out bar from the producer you gain the quality guaranteed by work of the big enterprise.