Operation of the wooden house from a bar and a log

Wooden houses have a number of advantages which allow them to take the leading positions in a private domostroitelstvo. At the same time a tree is the natural material which is affected from the environment. Therefore operation of the wooden house has the features.



Operation of the wooden house from a bar: terms

The wooden house is built with hope that it will serve not to one generation. Experts say that the house from a log and a bar can stay 50 years even if not to look after him at all. Of course, he will begin to look absolutely differently, but won't threaten life of the inhabitants. However at due service and timely response to damages it is possible to keep original state of the house much longer, than half a century.

If you order construction of the house in the specialized company, pay attention to the following circumstance. The wooden house as any goods, has a warranty. Each company itself defines this indicator. He has to be surely recorded in the contract. Otherwise, the guarantee, according to the legislation, will automatically make 5 years.

Operation of the wooden house: features


  • We heat gradually

At first the built felling has to be aired well. If season allows, open windows and doors. It promotes uniform natural drying of wood both outside, and inside. It is impossible to heat the crude house. From sharp difference of temperatures of a log will crack and are deformed. It is necessary to heat the house gradually, increasing temperature from 10 °C. In the first year of life of the house 20 °C aren't recommended to raise its value above.


  • We protect from humidity

Operation of the wooden house from a bar is followed by exudation of moisture. This question concerning the following rooms is especially relevant: a bathroom, a bath, a sauna, kitchen (the room where intensively use water). Evaporations can be condensed on a tree which excessive humidity can lead to emergence of a fungus or mold. Some of harmful fungi are capable to destroy a wooden design literally for several months. Therefore you shouldn't allow their emergence in the house. Effectively qualitatively arranged ventilation system is capable to cope with humidity in the house.
The special attention is required by underground space and the lower wreaths of the house as they are most subject to rotting.


  • We use protective equipment

Wood is surely processed by antiseptics which increases its resistance to influences of the external environment. But having processed a bar or a log once, you don't hurry to forget about an antiseptirovaniye forever. Any structure has the validity period. And therefore this procedure has to repeat regularly. There is no exact figure: everything depends on the specific producer.

Control points of operation of wooden houses

1 year: the wooden house undergoes the strongest shrinkage under influence of loadings of the external environment (for example, snow weight on a roof in the winter). Strong shrinkage expects the house and after heating inclusion when wood begins to give moisture intensively.

5 years: end of shrinkage of the wooden house. This term is enough for the house from the pro-thinned-out bar. The house executed from the rounded log is exposed to shrinkage in longer terms.

5-15 years: updating of paint and varnish coverings. Approximately such is the term of exploitation of structures, a predna.