Finishing the house from profiled beams


The house is completed, and the stage of its external and internal arrangement comes. The exterior finish of the house from the profiled beam can be any and depends only on the owner's preferences.

Treatment of walls with antiseptic

Whichever material for the design you choose, the first thing, what are you need to think, is antiseptic treatment of walls. Ideally, the procedure takes place at the stage of wood production. But you can hold it after the completion of construction or during it. This applies not only to the external surface of the structure. Internal finishing of the house from profiled bar also starts with antiseptic. Finishing you can be done by yourself. It will not create great difficulties for you.

Options for exterior and interior walls

After antiseptic treatment, you can proceed with the external and internal design of the walls. Some owners of wooden houses immediately have a desire to sew the house outside with siding or other polymeric materials. Professionals are not advised to hurry with the adoption of such a decision.

First, wood is already a quality material and does not need such protection.

Secondly, the profiled beam looks aesthetically pleasing and without additional finishing. To cover it with additional materials is extremely irrational from a financial point of view.

Thirdly, in contact with additional material, the wood loses its properties faster and rot. To prevent this process, it is necessary to leave a vented gap between the wood and the finishing material. Otherwise, excess moisture will penetrate into the tree and spoil it.

If the desire to use additional material for plating is still large, the following nuance will have to be taken into account. The wooden wall shrinks, and the outer material isn`t. Therefore, in order not to receive cracks in the coating, it is necessary to provide movable elements in it. They will allow the facade to move against the wall.

Paintwork material is much more practical. It is guaranteed not to create a situation with the appearance of cracks as a result of shrinkage.

When you are choosing the material for finishing, once again think about why you chose the wooden house for themselves. Hiding the original wooden walls for additional plastic structures, you will lose a significant part of your dreams.