Choosing the place of construction of the house and the foundation. We understand the details

Of all the building materials, wood is subject to rotting to a greater extent. The process of destruction begins at the point of contact of the tree with moisture, air and soil. Accurate assembly of the log from the profiled beam is a big plus for the design. But to slow the processes of decomposition of wood is not enough. We must carefully plan the erection of the foundation.

So, before you order a frame from a profiled beam, you need to think about the area on which it will stand. The choice of the place of building the house entails some nuances. They affect the type of foundation and the ways of its erection. And experts say that the situation with the foundation of each house is unique. It is necessary to start from the specifics of a particular site. But there are common points that should be paid attention to before construction.

Determination of soil composition

First, it is necessary to determine the mechanical composition of the soil. What is more? Are clay or sand? Construction companies before the launch of projects of large houses order the examination of the soil. There is a sense in this and the construction of the cottage, as the price of the error may be too large. Geo-exploration is expensive and relevant only for large-scale projects. The future owner of a private house from a profiled beam can receive an answer much cheaper and easier.

Moisten the soil sample, roll the ball and try to roll it into the cord. If it did not turn out to give even the shape of the ball. The land on your site contains a significant proportion of sand. From a sample of clay soil, you can easily get a cord. In the first case, the foundation of the future house will be built a little easier. And in the second construction of the foundation requires the laying of a sand pillow (a layer of sand used as a drainage system). The fact that clay has the property of swelling, that is, significantly increase in volume, as a result of freezing.

Location of the site in the lowland

Another difficulty is location of the site in the lowland, where it is sufficiently humid. Underground waters lie too close to the surface. This problem is also solved by laying a sand pillow. If, in the case of clay soils, drainage is desirable, then it is mandatory here. A more radical way are raise the plot. But do not rush. After all, the site located in the valley has its pluses. For example, natural wind protection.

Basement. Is it need or luxury?

Some land owners are asked to draft a house with a basement. Experts advise to think before making such a decision. It is necessary to dig a pit, make calculations, think through a serious waterproofing, properly build a ventilation system to regulate humidity. Practice shows that building a basement is always a long and not always a pleasant process. All this - additional costs. It turns out that square meters under the ground is much more expensive.

It is worth noting that the brick house is heavy, so in its foundation for sustainability uses more reinforcement and concrete. The foundation for a wooden house is more unpretentious and at the expense of it is cheaper. The most common type of foundation for a wooden house is finestine ribbon. It rises and falls along with the soil during the transitional seasons, preventing the deformation of the house.

Understanding these nuances, you can correctly assess the situation with the construction of a foundation for the future of the house. Remember that the foundation is support for log house. And in many ways, on its reliability depends on how many years your house will stand.