Skeleton technology of construction of houses on a turn-key basis

Technology of frame house construction

There are more than a dozen technologies for the construction of frame structures. Canadian, Finnish, Swedish, German, American and others. They got their names from the countries in which they appeared. The principal difference is in the main load-bearing elements. With Canadian and Finnish technologies (cheaper and more massive), planks are used as such. In the American "timber frame" and the German half-timbered house is the beams and girder system of a large beam.

In addition, each species has features. For example, a half-timbered house "strips" the load-bearing elements from inside as well as from outside. The power frame of the house, built according to German technology, is always visible. As a load-bearing structure, a massive or glued beam can be used here, and even a log can be used in the timber frame.

Frame technology of construction of houses on a turnkey basis implies the construction of a frame made of wood with various types of fillers between the bearing elements. The modern world offers many options for fillers. Basically, these are energy-efficient materials. Due to their use, the parameters of the frame house significantly outstrip construction norms for heating equipment.

At construction of houses of an economy class usually use cotton wool. From the top it is sewed with various plates: oriented-shaving, cement-shaving, plywood. More expensive houses are filled with double-glazed windows.

Prefabricated houses: pros and cons

Before srubovymi designs at frame houses there are weighty advantages:

  1. do not shrink

Frame houses are not deformed. After assembling such a house, you can immediately start finishing work, install windows and doors.

  1. easier assembly and disassembly

The frame house can be dismantled and installed in another place, if necessary.

  1. energy efficient
  2. high noise insulation factor (when using good quality materials).

Disadvantages of frame structures are reduced to the wrong design of the walls, when unfit for filling the wall materials are laid. This shortcoming should be considered as a special case, as it depends on the designer. There is a feature that frame houses have: the pros and cons of buildings are largely determined by the human factor. Therefore, the frame house can be executed as very well, and very badly. The spread of prices for frame houses is also very wide.

The technology of building a frame house has long been actively used in the West. In the East, frame houses have not yet gained such popularity. But their potential is huge. Today they are used all over the world and occupy the largest share of the market of wooden construction.