Utilities in the wooden house.

Electricity and heating


Installation of utilities is an important stage of internal finishing of the wooden house. Communications in the wooden house cover electrification, heating, a water disposal system, sewer system. In this article it will be a question of two types of communications: electricity and heating.


Utilities in the wooden house seek to hide that they didn't spoil interiors. An exception isn't also conducting. She in the wooden house, as a rule, is hidden in overlappings and door boxes. It is rational, all switches settle down at the exit at doors. In the same place there can be sockets. If they are established far from jambs, it is necessary to bring wires out of a floor. However on European standards modern sockets settle down low. And therefore wires will remain actually imperceptible.

One more option of the organization of conducting can be described the principle "it is necessary to hide at all on a look". Namely: to use open twisted conducting in insulators. She will perfectly add retrointeriors.

Until recently requirement was imposed to conducting in the wooden house: stay only in metal pipes. Today all has changed. The nonflammable cable is used, and therefore it can be closed also by plastic pipes. It should be taken into account that it is fair in relation to qualitative materials. If you have decided to save on wires, use only metal tubes!


Any kind of heating will be suitable for the wooden house. And it is senseless to speak about some leader, in this case. Everything depends on the choice of hosts. Among villagers the brick oven doesn't give in. First of all, it is connected with rather cheap cost of firewood as energy carrier. City dwellers who have no time to heat the furnace in a country house prefer more innovative types of heating. 

Often apply water heating. For heating of the heat carrier (water) gas or electricity can be used. Such system happens two types: with the lower distributing and with the top distributing. Lower demands existence of the electric pump which "drives" water on system. At of this kind there is essential plus: obscurity, often the pump are hidden under a floor at all. Principle of action of the top distributing: water circulates independently. According to laws of physics, warm water rises up, cold - falls down. The top distributing always on a look, and in it her minus for an esthetic component of the house.
Today such type of heating as heated floors is popular. He successfully takes root also into projects of wooden houses. Experts estimate him as a favorable type of heating in operation. The heat-insulated floor allows to maintain comfortable temperature in the house at the minimum use of other types of heating. It allows to save on use of the energy carrier, whether it be electricity, firewood or gas. 

The most settled technology of creation of heated floors is the water tube which is filled in in concrete. Here everything is quite simple if to speak about a covering on the first floor. But there is also a nuance. The concrete plate weighs quite a lot. And therefore for the second floor it is necessary to count necessary loading. And with quite narrow step not to do without use of massive beams any more. Besides, the similar design will take away from inhabited space superfluous centimeters.

Utilities create comfortable conditions for life in the house. But not always comfortable is their equipment. Installation of communications is seldom thought over at a house design stage. But demands very attentive relation at a stage of internal arrangement of the house.