Utilities in the wooden house. Water supply and sewerage

Utilities in the wooden house are presented by the following systems: electricity, heating and also plumbing and sanitary. From this list, perhaps, the most difficult for planning – two last. At the same time it should be taken into account that their work is interconnected. Therefore to talk about arrangement in the wooden house of water supply and the sewerage separately it is impossible.

Water supply

It isn't difficult to carry out drainpipes in the wooden house. The main issue – to what to connect them. On him there are two possible answers: to the central system of water supply (if it is present at this area) or to own well. If there is no well or a well on the site, then it is necessary to take care also of it. 
In case of connection to the general water disposal functioning of communication is represented quite simple. But with own system of water supply not everything is so simple. At least because private communications in the wooden house need to be thought over, constructed and served independently.

The storage container to which water gets by means of the pump lowered to the well is established. From a tank equip water distributing in the house, connect pipes. It would seem, all. But often water from the well or a well needs filtration. Especially if you plan to connect the washing machine to system, to use the electric kettle. A scum and damages of heating elements of these household appliances without water purification not to avoid. Therefore the system is constructed from several filters: 
• rough cleaning (detains parts of sand in water, small pebbles), 
• the finishing filter (for his selection by experts water analysis is carried out),
• the filter store (it isn't obligatory, but it protects elements of household appliances).
Its volume on family of three-four people is about 80 l. Once a week in the sewerage it is necessary to dump all volume of the filter store. And it means that the sewerage in your house has to be calculated on such volley dumping.

To understand how the sewerage will be arranged, it is necessary to know the level of ground waters on the site. Usual depth at which the sewer system is constructed is up to 2 meters. But at the high level of waters more difficult system of construction of communication will be required. 
The general system includes external and internal sewerages. External – association of pipes outdoors and the place of storage of drains, their utilization. Internal – pipes which settle down directly in the building, and plumbing fixtures. Today the increasing trust is gained by plastic designs. They are qualitative, and, above all, don't give in to corrosion.
Thinking over internal networks, you remember shrinkage of the wooden house in the first years of his life. She strongly influences both sewer system, and water supply. For pipes on the first floor shrinkage isn't terrible. But if desire to equip a bathroom and on the second is big, choose the rumpled corrugations as elements of sewer or water system. They aren't afraid of changes of height of a ceiling.

The water disposal system and the sewerage still are present not at each private wooden house. However their existence considerably increases comfort level. Therefore owners of future wooden houses should think of them at a house design stage.