Roof for the house from profiled beams

The roof is a complex, in terms of erection, element for any home. The difficulty of its construction depends on the developed project. It is important to calculate the pressure exerted on the rafter system. In many ways, it depends on the type of roof.

Which roof is better for a wooden house?

The floor for the house from the profiled beam can be either light or heavy. The wall, built according to logging technology (any log or timber house) is not crushed by any type of roofing. The main thing is to correctly calculate the frequency and cross-sectional area of the beams in the rafter system.

Ceramic, cement-sand and shale roofs are among the most severe. Its use will favorably affect the design of the house from a profiled beam. It will allow to exert the necessary pressure on the crowns of the log house and make the house even denser. Looks like this roof is beautiful, not afraid of both high and low temperatures.

But there are significant disadvantages. Ceramic, cement-sand and especially slate roofs are very expensive. Therefore, the optimal option is still considered soft flexible roof. It has a number of tangible advantages:

1) low cost;

2) ease of installation (and replacement, respectively);

3) aesthetics of appearance;

4) It allows roofing of any shape;

5) delays the gathering of drifts in winter;

6) has soundproofing properties;

7) It does not undergo corrosion, and therefore it lasts longer.

Questions about which roof is better for a wooden house and why, have an exhaustive answer. The presence of these advantages allows us to call a soft roof an excellent material for use in the construction of a house from profiled beams.

Smooth the corners

The angle of the roof depends only on the preferences of the owner of the future house. An obtuse angle holds the snow on the roof. A sharp angle allows the snow to move independently. Such a roof does not need care in winter. However, experts believe that this is a doubtful plus. With the correct calculation of the load on the rafter system, the question of cleaning the roof from snow should not arise in winter. The roof with an acute angle is usually chosen in order to save space. Under this roof, you can create an additional living space. In this case, it is possible to use floor beams with a smaller cross-section. This allows you to save on the cost of lumber. But in terms of exterior design the roof with an acute angle is not the best option. As well as absolutely flat roof.

So, the flexible roof is more suitable, in terms of characteristics and financial component, option. The main thing is to correctly calculate the load on the rafter system when designing the house. Then problems with caring for the roof in winter and the probability of its collapse will not arise.