Porch for the private wooden house


It is difficult to imagine the house without porch. Especially in our latitudes, where heat preservation in the house is an important factor of his functioning. Without porch the door has to settle down at rather low level that is incompatible with desire of most of owners of wooden houses to lift an entrance. As a rule, the minimum height of a socle is 500 mm. It turns out that before a door all the same not to do without 2-3 steps and the platform. Only the terrace can replace a porch.

We decide on figures

The porch for the private wooden house has to have such sizes that the person could be located on him and at the same time the door freely opened. Any state standard specifications defining construction of a porch no. And here for steps they exist. Safety, even if small ladder – an important point. Especially if in the house there are small children.

However GOST only recommends the minimum and maximum sizes for steps. You will also not find concrete numbers in them. Take 60 cm for the average width of a step of the adult. Therefore the ratio of height and width of steps has to correspond to this value. In practice it is possible to pick up these parameters in several ways:

  • on a step length formula: 2a + b = 60 cm,
  • on "safety formula": a + b = 46 cm,
  • on "a formula of a convenient design": a – b = 12 cm,

where and – height (a vertical part) of a step, b – width (a horizontal part) of a step.

Porch extension to the wooden house: to be or not to be?

This question often concerns those who have thought of a porch only after construction of the house. The porch extension to the wooden house is possible. Difficulties at the same time will be, but all of them are insignificant and surmountable.

Often wooden porch is attached also to brick houses. A tree – noble material. His combination to a stone looks beautifully. However you remember that the porch has to fit into the general design of the building organically. And therefore it is better to think of him, as well as of a terrace, at a house design stage.

The base for a porch in the wooden house

The base for a porch in the wooden house isn't exposed to considerable loadings, and therefore can be arranged in the simplest way. The column base, mortgage support will be suitable for these purposes. At the choice of type of the base it should be taken into account the level of ground waters on the site. At tendency of soils to a pucheniye the pile base will become the most successful option.
The porch always has to be under a peak. It is necessary as for protection of directly wooden design, and the key system of an entrance door which is subject to corrosion. As for materials, the larch is considered the steadiest against moisture. However at due leaving and timely processing long time will serve any kind of wood.