The device of wooden floors on logs

It is possible to avoid problems with the uneven and creaking floor in the wooden house by means of exact calculations at a stage of his design and correct installation of a sexual covering. Installation of half of the wooden house begins with installation a log. At the same time it is important to pay attention to warming of the wooden house on logs.

The device of wooden floors on logs bears in itself many advantages:

- heat preservation in the house

- moderate cost

- rather easy installation

- environmental friendliness

Before passing to a conversation on subtleties of construction of wooden floors on logs, we will understand that it is accepted to understand as this word.

The device of a wooden floor on logs

Initially logs – bars which serve as a support for a rigid surface of a floor and settle down over beams. However not all consider it necessary to establish logs on beams therefore often logs call beams of a floor. Such approach takes place to be, but experts don't consider him correct. If to reach compromise between two points of view, then it is possible to define logs as the beams cut in a felling on which a draft floor keeps within.

Beams are always available in a structure of the house. And here logs keep within not always. Their presence is necessary in the following cases:

1. beams are spread out with a wide step, a floor when laying on them sags. In that case logs are established to crossings with a big frequency, preventing a floor flash.

2. the design project of the house assumes visibility of beams, but at the same time it is necessary to warm a floor. In this situation logs act as a layer between a floor and heater.
3. need to level a floor or a ceiling. She arises when at construction concrete overlappings are used. Often they aren't equal. Today there is an opportunity to apply adjustable designs a log: from below bolts racks are attached to them.

Initially logs crash into a felling with the necessary step and perform the bearing function. For construction a log as the bearing designs, according to state standard specification, wood of the first, second and even the third grade will approach.

Warming of a wooden floor on logs

Today the market offers a wide choice of materials for warming of wooden floors on logs. It can be:

- sawdust (normalize humidity in a design, but aren't steady against influence of harmful microorganisms and insects);

- expanded clay (for warming it is recommended to use granules of the different size);

- mineral-cotton heaters (don't sustain combustion);

- polyfoam (isn't afraid of contacts with moisture, but attracts rodents).

All of them are available at cost and are characterized by high heat-insulating rates.

Warming of a wooden floor on logs demands special knowledge. Therefore it is better to address professionals. To refuse this procedure if it is about the first floor, - not a way out. There is a high probability to freeze in the wooden house during the winter period. Therefore use of heater in space between logs – actually obligatory process.