The difference of the attic from the attic and the second floor.

Choosing the best option

Abandoned attics with mountains of old things are a thing of the past. Today, owners of private homes are striving to increase living space. Therefore, to replace the attic came the attic - a living room under the roof. The main difference between the attic and attic: the presence of windows and the warming of the walls. Accordingly, the financial costs for the construction of the attic are higher. Is it worthwhile to equip the attic and for what purpose is the individual choice of the owner of the future house. However, experts advise to pay attention to the following nuances.

  1. Mansard or second floor?

Residential attic, of course, financial savings. The construction of the second floor will be more expensive. But you have to save on the living area. Where the roof goes down, the ceiling is low. Therefore, to place furniture or equip bathrooms on the attic floor is extremely difficult, if only the attic is not a design decision. For this, even at the design stage, you have to imagine what and how will be located in the attic. A full second floor involves the construction of wooden walls from a log or log. The attic also provides the construction of frame structures, which are filled with a heater.

  1. Insulation of the attic from the inside

Mansard heated area. But to maintain a comfortable temperature, only to conduct heating is small. Since the room is located directly under the roof, the insulation of the attic from the inside and its functions should be thought out at the project stage. Think of the attic as a superstructure for a finished project or to rewrite an attic for these purposes is not worth it. If you cut a window in the pediment, you can still, then warm the walls and the roof will not work.

Warming of the attic floor can be performed using the following materials: foam, foam, basalt or slag wool, glass wool or foam. They are most effective in heat protection, they allow you to keep the room temperature in the winter season. If necessary, the material is mounted from the inside. But it's better if the insulation is made from the outside.

  1. Roof Selection

Thinking about the construction of the attic, pay attention to the choice of roofing. Especially if you are building a bedroom in the attic. If the roof is metallic, the sound of the rain will be loud. Even a few layers of insulation can not help here. For a house with a mansard choose a soft roof. It has good hydro and noise insulation properties.

The roof can have different configurations. But when choosing a project at home, remember the external architectural component of the room.

If you have chosen the attic, then you do not need to think about the above points. And even a ladder to the attic can be arranged easier. Unlike the attic and the second floor, where the staircase should be comfortable and safe (there is no saving in either of the two options).

To summarize: the attic should appear at the design stage of the house, but not in time or after its construction. The project should take into account all the details: windows, stairs, insulation of the attic and even the layout and layout of furniture after construction.