Construction of single-storey houses from profiled beams

The production and construction of houses from profiled beams in one floor have their undeniable advantages. For all visual compactness, the house can be quite spacious for a large family.

Pros of a single-storey house:

1) The construction of a house from profiled beams from the manufacturer in one floor is suitable as a young family, dreaming of a small house, and people in old age, when it is already difficult to climb stairs.

2) Constructions of this type have relatively light weight. So for their construction a low-power foundation is suitable. This allows you to reduce the cost of its erection.

3) The construction of single-storey houses from a profiled beam is quite simple and fast. Especially if a team of professionals is working on the process. And walls from a profiled bar do not require external finishing. The material already initially looks aesthetically pleasing. It is only necessary to treat the tree with protective means to extend the life.

4) The floor in a single-storey house can be made on a concrete screed on the ground. On the ground floor, it is easy to arrange a heated floor. But on the second it's much harder to do. Tubes, through which water flows, are poured with concrete. Such a floor has considerable weight, and its arrangement on floors above the first requires the use of powerful beams that take away the space of the house.

Disadvantages of a single-story house:

1) To form a sufficient living space, it is often necessary to expand the perimeter of the house. This is possible, if it allows the land itself, on which the house is built. With enough space, this is not a problem. But the house will still occupy a considerable space, which could be used functionally differently by the masters.

2) The one-storey design imposes an imprint on the interior layout of the house. All rooms are located in the same plane, so designers try to minimize the area of ​​rooms. Often the decision is the studio - the connection of the kitchen with the living room and the combined bathroom.

Designers say that a private one-story house is difficult to make spectacular. But there is a plus in this: it is impossible to make such a house pompous, fanciful or too pretentious. One way to give the house architectural expressiveness is a large loft with natural light. The presence of the window will simulate the second floor and visually draw the house up. There are other ways. For example, the introduction of a bay window or terrace. The more non-standard the solution will be, the more interesting it will be. A successful project of a single-storey house will help its owners avoid patterning and get a unique living space.

This is confirmed by the example of the company "Yumax", where the project of a single-storey house from a profiled beam for an elderly couple was realized. For the hostess, it was important to have a winter garden with an orientation to the south. The owner dreamed of a separate room and a sauna. The project is rather complicated. But in the end, the house was built taking into account all the preferences of customers. It combines the classic technology of building single-storey houses from profiled beams and architectural uniqueness.