Errors in the construction of a house from profiled beams

Today, the owners of future country houses increasingly prefer the construction of a house from profiled beams from the manufacturer. Wood is definitely an excellent material that has many advantages. But it has specific features. Profiled bar is"live" material, which depends on environmental factors. It can contract or expand, undergo deformation, react to changes in humidity. This fact should be taken into account when building a wooden house in order to avoid serious problems in the future. In this article, we will analyze common mistakes in the construction of a house from profiled beams.

Suspension of structures during shrinkage

At the stage of building a wooden house, one must remember that in the near future it will undergo shrinkage. However, unprofessional builders often do not anticipate the situation. For the process to pass painlessly, it is necessary to leave the shrinkage gaps where required. Namely: all vertical structures must be made with allowance for shrinkage. It is calculated quite easily and is about 3% of the value of the part. With gaps, for example, the fastening of the beams is performed. The hole under the casing should be 3 cm deeper, so that when the cant be dried the cant be fixed on the nagel. Otherwise, this will lead to the formation of cracks in the walls, which will be catastrophic for the construction of the house.

Absence of sliding supports

The tree gives uneven moisture. In consequence of which one wall can sit more strongly than the other. To this fact does not affect the roof of the house, use sliding supports. They allow the roof to "walk" and adjust to changing forms of construction. Otherwise, cracks will form through which heat will escape. And that means the house is facing another problem is the appearance of condensation.



Haste in assembling a house

The tree has not an ideal geometry. However, negligent builders do not take this moment into account. Wishing to assemble the house as quickly as possible, they literally throw one bar on the other. This method of assembling the house will also lead to the appearance of cracks, which will only increase during shrinkage. Therefore, professionals press the beams and logs to each other with the help of belts and only then fasten them with nagels.

Incorrect installation of windows and doors

Many install windows and doors, insulating the cracks along the edges with mounting foam. For a brick or concrete house this is the standard situation. But the wooden house has its own specifics: the foam does not compensate for the shrinkage of the house. As a result, it clamps, and it bursts. Therefore it is necessary to install casing boxes in window and door openings. They will not allow the swinging structures to deform under shrinkage.



Limited amount of parts

Builders of wooden houses with many years of experience know that they can not have the right to make a mistake. Details of the house are made in a single copy, there are no spare parts. Therefore it is important to be able to work with the tool. This is especially true in the case of beams overlap. Work at a height is inconvenient, but you need to accurately calculate the distance and cut the part in a strictly defined place. Otherwise, the load is distributed unevenly on the floors.

All of the above errors can lead to irreversible consequences. Correct the defect in the construction of the house without pain. To build a reliable wooden house and not create problems with its exploitation in the future, you need to have the skills and experience. Therefore, in such an important issue as building your own home, you should turn to professionals.