Sound insulation in the wooden house


The noise isolation question is especially relevant in city high-rise buildings today. City dwellers often envy owners of private houses where it is possible to rustle at any time and at the same time not to disturb neighbors. Yes, the country house in this plan has advantage. But you don't hurry to rejoice. Sound insulation in the wooden house needs attention not less, than in brick or panel. Audibility between rooms in only the built wooden house also good. However at correctly arranged system of sound insulation the problem can be brought to naught.

The construction industry offers a wide choice of sound-proof materials. Conditionally they can be divided into 2 groups: porous and loose. It is possible to carry mineral wool, a stopper, polyfoam, felt, a mineral plate to the first. To the second – sand and vermiculite.

Sound insulation porous materials in overlappings of the wooden house   

Porous noise-insulating materials surely stack in interfloor overlappings, that is at installation of a ceiling. At will – in walls (it is especially relevant for frame houses). Sound insulation in overlappings of the wooden house allows to prevent audibility between floors within a wooden structure. It is relevant not only for the first floor of the two-storeyed wooden house. The top floor also needs protection against noise of a rain or a hail, especially if the rooftop is executed from a metal tile.

Loose shumoizolyator

Their presence at a structure of the house effectively affects noise absorption. Getting through material sound waves force the smallest parts to move. And friction is resulted by absorption of sound energy. Which, besides, will be transformed to heat. But achievement of effect requires a large amount of loose substance. And therefore availability of sand or vermiculite does a floor much heavier. Therefore, their emergence will be justified only in emptiness under a sexual covering of the first floor and basements.

We build competently!

Ideally sound insulation has to be mounted in a structure of the house at a stage of his construction. Then she it will be valid reliable. Standardly use 2 layers of sound insulation 100 mm thick. Materials which interfere with penetration of noise are used by analogy with heater, and in most cases even combine in themselves these 2 functions. As sound-proof material less dense, it is stacked in several layers. Dependence here directly proportional: the more layers, the sound insulation level is higher.

We plan space

Despite use of sound-proof materials, the minimum audibility between rooms can remain. It is inevitable for the house built of any material. Therefore the competent arrangement of rooms in the wooden house one more taken measure can become. For example, you shouldn't place the bedroom and other rooms for rest near a drawing room or kitchen – the general for all family members. For this reason individual rooms take out on the second floor, and public rooms equip on the first.