The project of the house from a profiled beam on a turn-key basis

Rarely do customers bring to the office of a company engaged in wooden construction, design projects of houses from profiled beams. But the idea of ​​what a house should look like is for every owner of a private plot. However, not always the customer gets what he dreams about. The reason for this is the incorrect wording when drafting a technical assignment. In particular, a large number of disputes raise questions about the style in which this or that house is designed. Before you determine the style decision of the executable object, it is worth to become more attentive to the possible options. The project of the house from a profiled beam on a turn-key basis can be executed in any style from classics to hi-tech. Consider the most popular of them.

Russian style

Architectural canons of Russia have always been remarkable for their magnificence and scope. Therefore, they still attract potential owners of wooden houses. Russian style & ndash; this immersing in a fairy tale and association with the historical past of Russia. Such houses (as a tribute to traditions) are more often performed from round logs. All logs are carefully selected in size. The most advantageous here will look decorative carved elements, powerful door and window openings.


Many people associate this style with artificial materials, but certainly not with wood. In fact, wooden houses in this style is not uncommon. Classical canons appeared in Antiquity. But today they have not lost their relevance. A wooden house in the classical style is elegance, space organization, simplicity and clarity of lines. Distinctive features of the style: columns (they can be both wooden and plaster), stucco molding, round windows, luxurious facade. The house in the classical style will resemble the palace of the 18th century.

Scandinavian style

Simplicity and naturalness is how you can characterize the house in the Scandinavian style. The harsh conditions of Scandinavia determined its appearance and functionality. Nothing superfluous, no jewelry. Reliability and durability are the only requirements for a Nordic-style home. As a rule, such houses are built for several generations. Used high-quality materials - hard wood. And do not forget about the attic. The Scandinavian style presupposes its presence.


Chalet is a small house located in the Swiss mountains. Therefore, the main requirements for it: convenience, reliability, comfort. Today it is not just the name of the house, but a separate style. The dominant element of this house is the roof. It is necessarily voluminous and like an umbrella it protects the structure from the rain. As in the Scandinavian style, the upper floor is mansard.


Talk about the exterior design of a wooden house can be compared with travel. The Swiss chalet is competing with the French Provence. If you like the measured life of the French province, then this style is for you. Elegance and subtlety, memories of the past. This style is a variation of a more general country style (rustic). The decor of such houses uses natural colors, natural materials (in modern houses it is possible to imitate them), forged items: door handles, handrails, gates and fences.


This style also originated in France at the turn of the 18-19 centuries. Then it was decided to destroy all the canons. Therefore, there was not formed any definite sample. Art Nouveau & ndash; this is necessarily a rejection of sharp angles and symmetry in space. Otherwise, the house in this style reveals the degree of creative freedom of the designer, when he unites opposites.

When choosing a style, remember: it should not depend on fashion. Wooden house is built for decades, fashion trends are changing much faster. Your home is a place where you should not be comfortable with the designer, but you. A variety of styles today will create a unique project that will be executed taking into account your individuality.