The technology of building a house from profiled beams

Profiled beam became in demand in the market relatively recently, but it instantly gained popularity. Due to its simplicity, the technology of building a house from profiled beams allows to save time on constructing a structure. And the characteristics of the material itself leave little room for the choice of something else. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances when building a house from profiled beams, and you will receive a warm, cozy wooden house all year round.
The choice of the season for the construction of a wooden house
The first thing you need to decide on is choose the season when construction begins. When planning the timing, consider that the foundation must necessarily be carried out in the warm season. But the frame itself can be installed both in summer and in winter. Both seasons have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Summer this is a long light day, which means that it is possible to work longer and to quickly assemble a house. But in this case the probability of rain is high in the summer. Because of them, the profiled bar will be wet and, most likely, dirty.
Winter, on the contrary, has a shortened light day. The time for the work is noticeably reduced, and the assembly of the house is stretched. Snow does not affect the moisture of the wood. Of course, if you do not forget to periodically shake off the building materials. Also in winter, additional costs will be required to clear the building area of the fallen snow.
Experts advise not to consider transitional periods as autumn and spring. This is the most inopportune time for building a wooden house. Dirt, high humidity and other unfavorable weather conditions will make construction much more difficult.
Stages of building a house from profiled beams.
So, the construction time is selected. We proceed directly to the assembly of the house.
The technology of building a house from a bar includes the following stages:
1. Preparing for installation of the structure
Before beginning the assembly of the log house, it is necessary to check the size of the foundation for compliance with the declared in the project, as well as the leveling of the basement. If this is not done, then there may be problems with the density of the jointer joint and the smoothness of the laying of the joists. At the stage of preparation for installation, it is necessary to lay a waterproofing between the foundation and the log house. Concrete is hygroscopic and absorbs water from the ground. Without waterproofing, it will begin to give moisture to the tree, which will affect the quality of the wood. Thus, the wooden part of the house must be separated from the concrete. Do not forget about the antiseptic wooden parts.
2. Layout of the first crown and overlap
This stage is the most responsible. Accuracy of the first wreath stacking. The construction of one row of beams, laid perpendicular to each other, determines the quality of the whole house in the future. The crown is leveled against the foundation and fixed with metal plates. The following wreaths are attached to the first by means of wooden nagels.
After the assembly of the first crown, the beams of the ceiling are assembled, processed with antiseptic, and the rough floor is assembled.
3. Assemblyof ground floor
Between the wreaths the insulation is laid out, the beam fastening is made on nageli (wooden nails with a diameter of about 25 mm). It is important when drilling a hole under the curb to leave a gap in the bar in order to avoid the formation of cracks and freezing of the structure of the house. For high-quality assembly of the beams, which do not fit tightly to each other, tighten with a strap and only then fixed with nagel.
4. Cutting floors between floors
At this stage it is necessary to accurately mark out the seats according to the project. Elements of the house are made in one copy, and therefore, it is impossible to make mistakes at this stage. Therefore, the tie-in of the installation slabs must be carried out by highly qualified specialists.
5. Building gables
The assembly of the gables (part of the end wall between the roof slopes) is performed on a special fasteners as spring assembly. With its use, the beams will densely adhere to each other after shrinkage, without forming cracks.
6. Trussing system installation
The timber gables of the house change their geometry in the process of shrinkage. To avoid deformation of the roof, use a movable rafter system as sliding supports for fixing the rafters to the wall and a bolt for connecting the rafters. When installing the rafter system, it is also important to remember about antiseptic.
What to look for when building a wooden house
Even if you do not understand the construction of houses from profiled beams, minimal control on your part is still possible.
First, check the quality of the material when it was brought to the site: appearance, thickness of the timber, moisture index. Serious   companies all the characteristics of the profiled bar are prescribed in the Technical Conditions. The reference to these documents should necessarily be in the contract, but it is better that the specifications are an annex to the contract.
Secondly, check the quality of the work of the brigade itself. Of course, for the detection of shortcomings, one must have the knowledge in the construction of wooden houses. Control the technology of assembling a house by simply checking the real results with a project on paper. Interaction with the construction team will help not to deceive your expectations and get exactly the house that you imagine.