Designing houses with a veranda

The most popular projects today are houses with an attic and veranda. They remind their owners of the memories of vacations in the countryside, when the summer kitchen was arranged on the veranda, and the attic became a place for children's games.


The construction of a house with an attic and veranda implies the presence of large opening windows that let in a lot of light and air. Veranda & ndash; always unheated, but completely enclosed. Warming it, you lose the very essence of the room and get just one more room in the house. Designing houses with a veranda allows you to protect the house itself from wind and rain. In good weather, the windows and doors open. Then the veranda turns into an arbor, where you can relax in the fresh air or arrange a family dinner.

Open or close?

An alternative to the veranda could be a terrace. But the sign of equality between them can hardly be put. The main difference between the terrace and the veranda: it is always an open area. This flooring, which you can go to. The terrace can become a full-fledged replacement for the porch and gazebo. It can be opened completely or covered by a roof. But for a wooden house it is important that the terrace is protected by a roof. Professionals recommend to build a roof with long (meter) overhangs. This will reduce the impact of rainfall on the tree.

Under precipitation and direct sunlight, the tree begins to deteriorate ahead of time. Even if you cover it with all kinds of protective equipment. Therefore, there are different compositions for flooring and oil for terraces with special additives. They will increase the life of the structure. But still the main thing is to see the destruction of the tree in time and replace the curb before it gets too late. Otherwise, you have to do a major overhaul of the terrace.

Despite its similarity and apparent interchangeability, the veranda and the terrace are fundamentally different. In financial terms, the veranda always goes more expensive. But later the cost of it pays off. Since the life of the terrace in practice is shorter than that of the veranda.