Log beam is different!

Not all tree ...

Wireframe technology based on the puff cake walls and bar with stuffing can not be considered fully wooden, since they use various heaters and synthetic materials that impede air exchange and moisture exchange. However, the same drawback due to the presence of glue seams is inherent in the now popular glued timber. Therefore, for true fans of a unique microclimate and comfort in wooden houses, we would recommend the construction of chopped houses, as well as houses from round logs. Also, as a wall material, it is possible to use a more and more gaining popularity among house-building companies a profiled beam - a natural material from a solid pine.

Who needs to cut the wood?

Wooden chopped house is always unique, piece goods. The quality of such a house will be 100% dependent on the qualifications and decency of carpenters. The best examples of such houses are pleased with the look of polished and perfectly fitted to each other massive logs with preserved natural escape (narrowing) of the trunk. Such houses are fully able to emphasize the high status of their owner, both with their impeccable appearance and with the appropriate price, because quality handmade work is always more expensive than machine stamping. On the other pole there are houses hastily felled by grasping peasants from a neighboring village. Their lean and often curved logs with unreplanted remains of the bark are not fitting well together. Such houses can only be considered as wasteful construction materials and money.

Price and quality

Mechanical processing of wood made it possible to make chopped houses with consistently high quality and increase labor productivity. Therefore, houses made of round logs or profiled beams are distinguished by an optimal combination of price nd quality. Yielding to the external charm of high-quality samples of manual work, houses made of round logs and profiled beams are not inferior to them in terms of performance, while having a lower cost. However, there is one myth that can often be heard from future homeowners: the rounded log is much worse than a hand-chopped log, because it has been removed from some kind of protective layer or the most durable layer. In fact, the tree trunk consists of bark, sapwood and core. The bark is a protective layer of wood, like the skin of a man. Sapwood is this young wood surrounding the core, it is responsible for the supply of juices to the tree crown and is most susceptible to various biological and physical lesions. Kernel & ndash; it is ripe wood, in it the gum has already turned into resin, and it is this part of the tree that is biologically and physically the most solid.

By new technologies

Modern technology for the production of houses from round logs and profiled beams, in contrast to traditional technology, is more complex. According to it, the preform for future building material is dried in a chamber to 18-22% moisture, and then is profiled into a log or timber. This technology has undeniable advantages over traditional technology from logs of natural moisture. In the process of drying, forced chamber or natural in a log, the log inevitably bursts. But after chamber drying, it is possible to position the workpiece in a machine, that is, in the place of the largest cracks, make a "moon groove" or compensatory cut. As a result, on the walls of the future house, the appearance of cracks will be minimized, and the resulting cracks will be smaller in comparison with a log of natural moisture dried in the wall. It is also important to take into account that the surface of the log from the dry workpiece will have a smoother, more polished appearance and will not "scur" over time. In addition to improved aesthetics, minimizing cracks in the horizontal direction lowers the thermal conductivity of the wall, the house is warmer. The risk of deformation of logs in the wall due to their shrinkage is minimized, since the logs have already been produced from the dry billet, so all joints and joints of the logs are guaranteed to be warmer. Dry wood is not susceptible to putrefaction and fungal staining, in addition, it better absorbs antiseptic and paint products, which significantly increases the durability of the structure. The construction time is shortened, since the shrinkage of the log from the dried material reaches only 3%, and not 7-8% as on the material of natural moisture, so the finish can be carried out immediately and the construction time is "turnkey" can be reduced to 6 months instead of 1.5 years.

Thus, the house is chopped by hand & ndash; this is the choice of a wealthy man who finds a special charm in massive logs of different diameters. House made of round logs or profiled beams is the choice of a pragmatist who values the microclimate of a wooden house. Wooden log house of dry material. The choice of a modern person who values only the highest quality of life.