Log or brick? Country house building

And here comes to mind is essentially the only option is to build a log house. In our case, we are considering as an option a house from the "Cylinder". So, before you build a house from round logs, you need to round these logs. During the processing of logs, the correct shape is given to it; according to the design documentation, a cup is chosen and a longitudinal groove is arranged. The groove, of course, should ideally repeat the shape and bends of the log. Among other things, the log must be processed in such a way that when assembling the walls, each of the logs used, of which this wall will be, would fit tightly to each other, not detecting gaps around the edges, and in the center there would be a place for laying the insulation and the required stock for shrinkage of the log structure. Precisely because of the precision of manufacturing elements of the finished rounded logs, it is in great demand.

In the production of rounded logs, two types of machines are used: turning and pass-through machines, and each of them differs from the other. On the lathe, in another way on the turning and milling, the logs are fixed at the ends, and, rotating, a milling cutter moves along the log. As a result of processing the log on such a machine its shape is perfectly cylindrical and has no apparent curvature.

When processing the same log on a pass-through machine, it is pulled through a rotating cutter, in other words, processed during continuous movement without stopping in the tool area. Using such machines in production, the productivity of processing logs increases, but here there is one. The processed log copies all the bends of the unworked, of the original log.

Speaking of houses from classic logs, we mean a significant saving in materials for exterior and interior decoration of the house, and as a result, avoid unnecessary costs associated with the use of additional finishing materials (by the way, not the most environmentally friendly). Plus, after processing the logs Its natural beauty and unique pattern of freshly chopped wood are revealed.

After the installation of the wooden house, log walls are ground and covered with special antiseptic compositions protecting the log from decay, parasites. In addition, the so-called flame retardants are used as flame retardants.

The rounded log of coniferous species of wood possesses good thermal insulation properties, preserves the natural beauty of the tree, has strict geometric dimensions and a pleasant color scheme, and the main wooden house from round logs is quite affordable if you compare its final cost with the prices for a comfortable city apartment.