We are choosing the material for the future house.

Round log or profiled beam?

Dispute about what's best (log or profiled baeam) continues since these materials have become in demand in the construction market. This happened relatively recently, but buyers instantly appreciated all the advantages of houses made of wood. Both round logs and profiled beams are environmentally friendly material that promotes rapid exchange of oxygen and maintains optimum indoor air humidity. In addition, the profiled beam and log do not require additional interior finishing, since they initially look aesthetically pleasing. This is their great advantage over the ordinary, sawn timber.

However, the profiled beam and log also have differences, which causes a lot of controversy and discussion when choosing the material. What are the nuances still need to be considered without fail when planning the construction of a wooden house?

First, the profiled beam, in contrast to the rounded log, is not subjected to strong shrinkage. It goes through a stage of chamber drying, as a result of which excess moisture is eliminated even at the stage of production. But the log does not undergo such treatment. By giving water, the tree is significantly deformed, which affects its size and structure (cracks appear). Therefore, the house from the log immediately after construction will not be able to enter & ndash; will have to wait for shrinkage and only then put the windows, do interior trim. For the sake of justice, it should be added that the profiled bar, which was not dried in the chambers, has a natural moisture content and behaves exactly like a round log.

Secondly, the cost. The cube of profiled beams costs a little more than a cube of logs. But this is only at first glance. In fact, when building a house from logs you will need more wood. And this means more scope of work and more volume of transportation. There will also be a greater consumption of paintwork materials because of the bulky, convex surfaces of the log. Proceeding from this, we conclude that the house of a profiled beam, despite the cost of the material itself, will not be more expensive than a house from a log.

Thirdly, an important difference for the hostesses is house cleaning. On the ledges in the house of the rounded log quickly accumulates dust. In the house of a profiled beam with even walls this does not happen. So, cleaning the house from logs should occur more often and takes more time. In addition, the relief walls are harder to beat in the interior. Therefore, among the potential owners of preference is often given to houses from profiled beams.

So, the fundamental difference between rounded logs and profiled beams (valid for a kiln-only bar) is one. It is in degree and time of shrinkage. In the rest, much depends on the design of the project and the preferences of future owners of the house.

With due care of the structure of profiled beams and rounded logs serve their owners up to 100 years or more. Thanks to a special microclimate, to live in such a house is comfortable at any time of the year. So whatever your choice is round log or profiled beam, yet the main thing is that you will get a house made of high-quality, natural material.