Where to buy a profiled beam

Profiled beam is in demand on the building materials market due to its undeniable advantages:

  • environmental friendliness,
  • aesthetics,
  • low shrinkage. It is valid for the chamber drying chamber.
  • economy,
  • fire safety.

When the house is engulfed by fire, wooden structures can not be destroyed for a longer time.

Therefore today he often becomes the object of attention of future owners of a country house.

When you have decided on the design of the house and the material, the question arises, "Where to buy profiled beams?" It is important that the material is of high quality, in accordance with the declared criteria and standards. Most construction teams do not have their own production. In 70% of cases, the material they purchase on the side. There is a risk that it will be cheap and not quality. Therefore, it is better to order a profiled beam from the manufacturer. In this case, you will know exactly where and by what technologies wood was harvested.

You can check the quality of the material yourself by going to production. The visual impression certainly plays an important role. But we need to rely on objective indicators. The simplest measurement of the geometry of a log or beam. The material must correspond to the values declared by the manufacturer.

It is also possible to check the material for moisture. Plus wood of natural moisture in its relatively low cost. But at the same time it is necessary to understand that excessive moisture will eventually disappear, which will lead to significant shrinkage. Dry wood passes the technological process of removing excess moisture. Therefore, a strong deformation in the future, it does not threaten. If the profiled bar is declared as dried, then the moisture meter should determine a value not exceeding 20%.

One more metric is heat insulation. By modern standards, houses from a profiled beam can hardly be called warm. In the climatic conditions of the central Russia, taking into account the current SNiP-23-02-2003, the thickness of the wall made of wood should not be less than 340 mm. It is practically impossible to prepare a solid beam of this thickness. The minimum wall thickness, which is suitable for a holiday home, is 140 mm, this fits into the sanitary norms set by the SNiP. But to live in such a house all year round is unlikely to be comfortable. The most common figure among manufacturers is 190 mm, it is considered standard. The company & la; yumax & raquo; offers its customers a profiled bar from Kirov with a thickness of both 140mm and 190mm.

When choosing the place of purchase, the location of logging plays a significant role. Wood from the Kirov region is highly in demand. In the construction market, it is considered one of the best in the country. This is due to climatic conditions. During sleep, in winter, the tree does not grow, but thickens, so the northern climate positively affects the quality of wood. There is an opinion that the absolute leader in Russia & ndash; Angarsk wood, since in Siberia the winters are the harshest. But the cost of Angara material and transportation to the desired region will rise significantly more. Also it is necessary to take into account that even within one area the wood can differ greatly in quality.

Experts advise to address the opinion of those who have already chosen the material and the manufacturer. Customer feedback will give you a more detailed idea of the intricacies of working with this or that material and about the company's image.

Andrey Tryapin (Rybinsk town):

I found the site of the company & laquo; Yumax & raquo; in the Internet. Of all the options I stopped at them. The rounded log was not considered from the beginning, as it was not completely dried. And I did not want to have big problems with shrinkage. I ordered a house kit from dried profiled beams. I was satisfied with the price-quality ratio.

Olga Porohina (Pechora town):

In & amp; Yumax & raquo; we ordered a housekeeper. We built from a profiled beam of chamber drying, because you do not need to wait for shrinkage, you can immediately put windows and call at home. Initially, a round log was chosen. But in the company we were warned that dust accumulates on the ledges. I was embarrassed by this moment as a mistress. In addition, even walls are easier to beat in terms of design. Glued beam was not considered at all. This is not environmentally friendly material. We chose only the Kirov company, it's easier to deliver material to the Republic of Komi from here. In addition, it is believed that Kirov's wood is very good.

So, the profiled beam of chamber drying from the wood of northern regions is a wonderful material for the construction of a country house. Unlike glued, profiled beam is absolutely ecological. And, in comparison with the rounded log, it does not require a long time for shrinkage. The proposed options for the thickness of the timber are suitable for the construction of holiday cottages and for year-round houses. All this gives grounds to assert that choosing a profiled beam from the Kirov company, you will receive quality material for your future home.