Strogany pogonazh


Строганый погонаж

FlStrogany pogonazh

More than 20 years we make ready domokomplekta for construction on own production, including a planed pogonazh which can be bought in Kirov wholesale and retail. The range of finished goods - pogonazhny products for construction are includes the following types of the pro-thinned-out planed pogonazh: lining, including eurolining (a grade And), imitation of a bar, a block house, a plinth, планкен from a pine slanted and direct, a floor board (floorboard), a terrace board, a deck board. Any pogonazhny product can be also made artificially old (brashirovaniye) or is processed by a thermomodification method is the thermomodified wood.


планкен из сосны купить вагонку в кирове имитация бруса киров доска пола строганый погонаж фото

At a complete set of a wooden part of the house from the pro-thinned-out bar and also a bath we use timber - a banding bar, a podkladny board, beams of overlapping, a rafter, an obreshetka, a kontrobreshetka, bar - own production, made only at own enterprise according to technical norms of DIN (Germany), a floor board - according to the Russian GOST.


 The prices on: lining, imitation of a bar, a block house, a floor board, planken from a pine, a terrace board

The specified prices work with 7/1/2019
Dry planed material (pine, fir-tree) DIN-68126 Section, mm L=6m L= 2,7-3,0m L= 2,0-2,5m All length
grade АВ grade АВ grade АВ grade С
12,5х90 18000 17000 16000 10000
12,5х110 --- 17000 16000 10000
18(20)х125 --- 16000 15000 9500
18(20)x145 --- 15000 14000 9000
18(20)х95 --- 15000 14000 9000
Immitation of bar 18(20)х135 16500 15000 14000 9000
27(25)х115 16000 15000 14000 9000
35х136 15000 14000 13000 9000
35х90 14500 13500 12500 9000
Lath, planed from 4 parties 20х40 --- 13000 12000 8000
20х45 --- 12500 11500 8000
20х90 --- 13000 12000 8000


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Reference information

Lining (eurolining) - the doubling board 12,5х90/110 mm thick with the thorn groove connection used for external finishing of rooms of different function internal less often. Lining scope: having hemmed walls and ceilings in living rooms, in the mansard floor, in the Russian bath and the Finnish sauna, on a balcony and a loggia and also in any other utility or technical rooms of a country house. at our enterprise it is possible to buy lining of a grade of A/V and also thermoprocessed.


Planken (a front board, pine planken) is a wooden board of 20х140 mm from a pine with chamfered all 4 parties. We make планкен from a pine direct and slanted. This type of a doubling board ideally imitates a bar and is used mainly outside of the house as, for example, for finishing of a facade or for a podshiv of an internal part of a roof. Also you can buy from us планкен thermoprocessed.


Imitation of a bar (false bar) is a kind of lining for internal finishing of a country house or a bath of 16/20х140 mm, 20х185 mm and 35х140 mm in size. Correctly sheathed wall or a facade imitation of a bar are almost indistinguishable from the real massive pro-thinned-out bar. Imitation of a bar, a false bar is also often applied at a podshiva of ceilings and an internal part of a roof.


The floor board (floorboard) is rabbeted, milled from massive wood of coniferous breeds (a pine, a fir-tree), (europol) 25 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm and 45 mm thick is used for a finishing (fair) covering of floors in a country house, in a bath, a sauna.


Terrace board (deck board, deking, garden parquet) is the most suitable, natural covering for the device of floors of open terraces, saunas, the pool, garden paths, a verandah, a barbecue. As a profile by production of a terrace board the type velveteen is used. On ours of the enterprises it is possible to buy a terrace board of the following sections: 25х120 mm, 35х90 mm, 35х140 mm, 45х95 mm and 45х145 mm.


Block house (a siding with imitation of a bar) is the next kind of lining with a special profile: indoors - the pro-thinned-out bar, outside - the rounded log. The wall sheathed by a block house looks as though put from the integral rounded logs. We make an oshivochny board a block house of the following section: 18х90 mm, 29х115 mm, 37х135 mm, 45х185 mm. Except natural wooden in the market of building materials it is possible to buy a block house metal, vinyl and plastic.


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