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The pro-thinned-out bar (Kirov) - characteristics and profiles


Production of the pro-thinned-out bar
A few years ago the house-building company 'Yumaks' has arranged production of the pro-thinned-out bar on the production capacities. Temporarily the range of finished goods was limited to production of a bar pogonazhy without kickoff of ventsovy connections (cups). Production of ready wall material with the provided bowls according to the project documentation is already started - you can buy the pro-thinned-out bar with the killed ventsovy connections under the project.

Sizes (mm): 190х190 mm; 140х190 mm; 90х190 mm; 140х140 mm; 90х140 mm




Material: massif of the Kirov pine
Appointment: houses from the pro-thinned-out bar, domokomplekta (the designer, ready to assembly)

Producer: YuMAKS (Verkhoshizhemsky district, Kirov region)


The cost of the pro-thinned-out bar





от  10 000 rub/m3






You can find out the actual prices of products by downloading the price list 

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Construction of houses from the pro-thinned-out bar made on our production is carried out only by specialists of our company therefore you have an opportunity to receive the first-class houses at lower price, and our company will be sure that during the works construction norms won't be broken.
All construction works are performed by skilled crew under the leadership of the hereditary carpenter. At each stage of construction process control is exercised that would be impossible at implementation of construction by the third-party organization. We create for you comfortable houses as which are sure for 100%.
All details of the domokomplekt are carried out on the developed project at once and already marked are delivered to an object. It allows to save on additional preparation of a bar for construction. Terms of construction of the house are 1-2 months of the pro-thinned-out bar.

Own source of raw materials of wood Cut on the modern equipment High-quality chamber drying Profiling on the high-precision machine Factory production of domokomplekt




You can order the pro-thinned-out bar and construction of the house made on our production

having called by phone 8-800-707-32-43 or having written on the mail




Sale of the pro-thinned-out bar without construction by our crews for individuals, we don't carry out.


To professional construction companies with registration on the legal entity or SP sale is carried out.


We want that the bar made by us, pleased you many decades!

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