Thermowood: terrace board, deck board, planken pine

Advantages of a finished product: a terrace board, a deck board, pine планкен, made with use of modern technology of heat treatment of wood.

  • the thermomodified wood by 5 times is less subject to moisture absorption from the outside;
  • the thermoprocessed wood is capable to keep initial geometry of a ready-made product in the conditions of any climatic influence;
  • the thermomodified wood easier usual more than twice;
  • higher degree of firmness against rotting without application antiseptics;
  • the product which has undergone technology of heat treatment has color from natural light to dark brown - say still 'caramel color', in a case, further processing by oil. Without processing by oil the thermoprocessed wood differs in a noble light gray shade;
  • it is an environmentally friendly product without application of any chemistry!

Finished products from thermowood

The terrace board is in a special way the processed board used for the device of terraces of a country house. The face of a terrace board represents a peculiar washing board with flutes up to 3 millimeters in depth (velveteen). It is made to lower board surface skolzkost degree in wet rainy weather. The thermoprocessed terrace board solves a problem of failure thanks to the dense structure when moisture is practically not absorbed, and, on the contrary, even makes a start from a surface. At the same time the thermomodified terrace board doesn't decay and doesn't change appearance.


We make a terrace and deck board from the thermoprocessed pine:
Thickness: 28 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm and 41 mm 
Width: from 90 mm to 140 mm 
Length: up to 6 meters 
Material: pine
Price: from 1260 rub/sq.m

The termoprmodificate pine - the price

The specified prices work with 7/1/2019

The termoprmodificate pine

Section, mm Price, rub for m2
Grade А
Grade В
L=6m L= 2,2m 2,5m 2,7м 3,0m L=6m L= 2,2m 2,5m 2,7m 3,0m
TMD planken slanted 16х120 1800 1500 1280 980
19х120 1800 1500 1280 980
TMD planken straight line 16х90 1500 1200 1050 750
19х90 1500 1200 1050 750
16х140 1600 1300 1150 850
19х140 1600 1300 1150 850
Deck board 28х90 2320 2020 1560 1260
32х90 2320 2020 1560 1260
38х90 2890 2590 1920 1620
41х90 2890 2590 1920 1620
Terrace board 28х140 2420 2120 1660 1360
32х140 2420 2120 1660 1360
38х140 2990 2690 2020 1720
41х140 2990 2690 2020 1720

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Heat treatment modes

1) processing at 190 °C - wood is less steady against rotting, the color shade to easily brown or yellow changes. It is applied to internal finishing and production of details of furniture.

2) processing at 210 °C - is reached the increased ability to resist to rotting processes. The thermomodified product is used in rooms with the increased humidity: baths, saunas, pools and also on the street: facades of houses, terrace, porch, etc.

3) processing from 230 °C and more - is reached high degree of resistance to rotting and any climatic impacts on wood.

Scope - without restrictions. As a result of repeated experiments with heat treatment of a pine us it has been decided to use only the optimum mode - 190 °C - for obtaining beautiful color of a surface of wood and preservation of sufficient durability on a skalyvaniye.


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