Cladding Vagonka DIN-68126

Wall Cladding for internal works
Tongue-and-groove Facing board



Lining (Kirov)

Lining (eurolining, lining a calm) is economic material for finishing, coverings of external and internal walls in the house, a bath, a hozpostroyka or in an arbor. Lining is made of the massif of coniferous breeds of wood (a pine, a fir-tree), mainly with the same profile. The wall of the house sheathed by lining looks so as if it is put from an integral bar.

Product profile: euro lining

Product profile: lining calm


The specified prices work with 7/1/2019
Dry planed material (pine, fir-tree) DIN-68126 Section, mm L=6m L=2,7-3,0m L=2,0-2,5m All length
grade АВ grade АВ grade АВ grade C
Euro lining 12,5х90 18000 17000 16000 10000
Lining calm 12,5х110 --- 17000 16000 10000
All pogonazhny products
Lining, planken, imitation of a bar, floor board, lath, etc.


Additional information

We produce euro lining and calm lining of a grade of A/B/C with the tongue groove profile (tongue-and-groove connection). The main difference of eurolining from imitation of a bar - existence of deepenings on the face and also the smaller width and thickness. At our enterprise in the Kirov region you can wholesale lining, two main sections, from 2,2 to 6 m long.

Production: YuMAKS, Kirov region, item Verkhoshizhemye
Humidity: chamber drying (12-14%)
Quantity in packing: 9/10 pieces.
Minimum lot: 1 unitary enterprise.

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