Construction of wooden houses throughout Russia

  • Possible exchange for an apartment
  • Our homes can be purchased in a mortgage
  • Using maternity capital
  • Use of military and other certificates
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General warranty are 3 years, warranty on the stability of the structure are 50 years
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"Yumaks" is construction works "turnkey" with a guarantee of quality

The company "Yumaks" has been building wooden houses since 2007. During this time, we managed to perfect all the technological processes in order to create quality and comfortable homes for you.


In the staff of the company there is a designer with a higher building education, which in a short time develops projects of houses from a profiled bar of natural moisture and chamber drying, round logs, as well as frame technology (including fachwerk and timberframe).


Our company has its own production, on which wood is harvested for the construction of wooden houses. A team of experienced builders under the guidance of a hereditary carpenter performs work from erecting a frame on a ready foundation before the construction of the house "turnkey" with a guarantee of quality. We build wooden houses not only throughout the territory of the Kirov region, but also in other regions of the country.


We are aware of the social responsibility for the environment. Therefore, we grow seedlings and restore the felled forest. Expanding production, create new jobs for residents of Verkhoshizmen. We also provide sponsorship support in the organization of children's sports competitions.

Construction works under the key
Quality assurance
25 years of experience
Own production

Mortgage for the construction of a house


The construction of a private house is an uneasy, long-term and financially expensive project. However, the result is worth the effort. You get your own house with a plot of land away from the city noise. Not everyone can afford to buy a house for the accumulated funds. The option that will help you find a way out - a mortgage for the construction of a country house.


The company "Yumaks" cooperates with banks that issue mortgages for the construction of a private house for up to 25-30 years - "Loko-Bankom" and "Rosselkhozbank". Citizens from 21 to 65 years of age can obtain a loan if there is an official place of work and a previously acquired land plot.


Apply for a mortgage for the construction of a house from the company "Yumaks" can be in the offices of "Loko-Bank" and "Rosselkhozbank", if available in your area. Terms of obtaining a mortgage specify in the regional branches of partner banks.

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