Construction of wooden houses throughout Russia

  • Possible exchange for an apartment
  • Our homes can be purchased in a mortgage
  • Using maternity capital
  • Use of military and other certificates
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The construction of a frame house is an excellent contribution to energy efficiency and the conservation of natural resources.

The technology of frame house construction is the simplest, fastest and most budgetary kind of wooden construction. This proves the statistics: 80% of low-rise housing in the world is built on wireframe technology. A frame house is the choice of a pragmatic master. If it is responsible for its construction, it is possible to achieve the most positive effect, eliminating the main disadvantages: low heat capacity of walls and weak noise insulation.

Construction of a turnkey house means the construction of a frame of wood and the filling of voids between the supporting structures of the insulation. Filler can serve various materials: basalt wool (the most popular), glass wool, ecowool, expanded polystyrene and others. The price of insulation varies widely. The market today offers a large selection of materials. They are selected based on the budget and specifications of the customer. Therefore, the cost of building a frame house can be either very small or rather high.

Houses built on wireframe technology:

  • are not subject to shrinkage;
  • are energy-efficient: the heat resistance index is able to significantly exceed even strict modern norms.

These indicators allow skeleton houses to significantly exceed log structures. Therefore, today the construction of such houses is popularized both in the West and in Russia. "Yumaks" is actively developing in this direction and is implementing the construction of frame houses in the Kirov region and neighboring regions.


Prices of building

Walls made of beams for production from molded timber and tie-in beams, r./m3
Rails and
frame structures, r./m3