Timber frame/Fachwerk construction of wooden houses

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Fachwerk and timberfreem are types of frame construction that came to us from the West. Building houses fachwerk originated in Germany. Timber frame construction technology is American.

Fachwerk is construction technology, in which the load-bearing elements of the house can be seen both in the interior and in the exterior. Timberframe differs "exposure" of the frame only in the interior. And if in the half-timbered house the number of layers of insulation is determined by the thickness of the load-bearing structures, then the walls of the house can be insulated unlimitedly by the type of a timber frame.

The option of a house or a bath built on one of these technologies is really exclusive. It embodies the individuality of the owner of the house: as in the development of the project (it can take up to several months), and in the selection of building material and construction of the structure.

Modern frames offer the use of pillars of glued beams, the space between which is filled with double-glazed windows. Due to this, the effect of an air-saturated, open, unlimited space arises. The company "Yumaks" uses more classical technologies and carries out construction of frame houses exclusively from a solid bar.

For a power frame, a timberframe or half-timbered frame, only thick tree trunks are suitable, which must be accumulated. Moreover, it is more correct to do this in winter: at subzero temperatures, wood does not deteriorate and does not deform.

The potential of houses using these building technologies is enormous. Like all frame buildings, timberframe and half-timbered houses do not shrink and significantly exceed the norms of heat engineering. Therefore, despite the length and scrupulousness of the process, today they have more and more fans. The company "Yumax" meets the declared trends and is engaged in the construction of frame houses by the types of timberframe and half-timbered houses in the Kirov region and neighboring regions.

Prices of building

Walls made of beams for production from molded timber and tie-in beams, r./m3
Rails and
frame structures, r./m3