Руководство по выбору межкомнатных дверей


Guide to the choice of interroom doors


Interroom doors – the necessary subject of an interior which is carrying out not only practical, but also decorative function. Their choice – business responsible as the acquired door for a long time will lodge in your house. To choose the option suitable you, it is necessary to decide on desirable parameters.

Class of doors

All door cloths can be divided into several classes: house-keeper, business, premium. Division into classes is caused by character of the used raw materials, quality of production and finishing and also uniqueness of finished products. The uniqueness is understood, first of all, as the level of exclusivity of elements of a decor, complexity of performance of finishing.

Class doors the house-keeper represent an optimum combination of the low price and worthy quality. Such models are usually made of inexpensive materials, are same and don't differ in a variety of a decor.

Doors of a business class belong to the average price category. They are made of various materials, as a rule, quality, differ in practicality and existence of unusual elements, like inserts from glass and drawings.

Premium interroom doors are made of the massif and an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree, have unusual design with handmade elements. It is possible to carry only small percent of models among which one of the leading places is occupied by Dariano's doors to premium representatives. Production of this firm is characterized by excellent quality therefore has well proved among consumers.

Material: from laminate, to a whole tree

If you have decided on production class, that time to think of preferable material. Modern door cloths can be made of various materials: laminate, interline interval, whole tree.

The laminated door designs are made of chipboard, covered with a layer of artificial material – laminate. Laminate allows to imitate the invoice of various coverings including a tree.

Shponirovanny door designs turn out by gluing thin (less than 3 mm) a layer of natural wood – an interline interval – on a door basis. As a basis apply the glued massif or chipboard.

Door designs from the massif will please judges of all natural. Such models have attractive appearance, are ecologically clean and transfer warmly natural wood. They are characterized by the high price which depends, generally from breed of a tree.

Decor: stained-glass windows, frescos, forging elements

As interroom doors carry out not only practical, but also decorative function, special attention should be paid to a decor. Salons shops allow to order an interroom door with any decorative elements therefore the choice will depend only on your flavoring preferences and style of an interior of the room which will be equipped with new doors. So, if you are drawn towards classics, pay attention to deaf doors from dark breeds of a tree. In addition, models with frescos, forging elements will become the interesting decision. Any non-standard design approach will surely please judges fine, rare.