Мебель и фурнитура - новые решения


Furniture and accessories - new decisions

The furniture accessories of factory origin and made manually — all this create that shape of furniture which the consumer wants to see in the apartment or a cottage. Presently the thematic design of rooms is fashionable, for this purpose the style of furniture plays especially important role.

Tendencies of modern furniture design are diverse: here and return of the grandiose heavy style burdened with a set of rich jewelry, carvings, incrustations, here and light minimalist style in which the functionality of objects is emphasized with their elegance, simplicity. The choice of furniture is so various now that practically any type style of registration of the room and, respectively, purchase of furniture under him is available. A considerable role in determination of style of furniture is played by furniture accessories. Here designers have a huge scope for the embodiment of the ideas: set of materials and their combinations, forms and directions.

The furniture accessories of factory origin and made manually — all this eventually will create that shape of furniture which the consumer wants to see in the apartment. Presently thematic designs of rooms are fashionable, for this purpose the style of furniture is especially important. Furniture was always very important factor for any room. In ancient times the furniture makers capable to create as furniture practically objects of art were appreciated.

Furniture designs of different function changed eventually, every time adapting to change of household needs of people, showing their social and even professional accessory. But, by and large, furniture have always to I was meet such important requirements as reliability, esthetics, convenience. Nevertheless, if to take any separate piece of furniture and on the basis of his changes to consider furniture history, it is possible to see very visually that all three concepts — comfort, durability, beauty — changed and at different times, and in the different countries.

Evolution of art style of furniture design has led to postmodernism which has held on long enough as dominating. A composite variety of this style gave to a design thought of an opportunity to look for extraordinary decisions. However now he is succeeded by so-called minimalism. What it is connected with? First of all — with rough change of technologies, with fast emergence of new materials, with absolutely new principles of equipment of housing and other rooms. Technological changes have concerned literally in total both materials, and ways of production of a furniture design. And such things as furniture accessories, especially. A variety of accessories has only won with the advent of new materials. If to tell, for example, about door handles, then it both metal, and a tree, and glass, and various plastic. All these materials suit for use in any style, the main thing — was able to apply them, to choose a form.

New forms, new invoices, new combinations define appearance of furniture today. Very often modern furniture is under construction sektsionno that gives the chance within a uniform set to choose and build own individual furniture ensemble differing with the sizes, volumes, quantity of objects. Furniture accessories in that case are the main connecting and decorating moment at the expense of which all design of the room can be under construction.

When speak about furniture accessories, usually, first of all mean furniture handles. Besides them, this category includes also such details as locks, loops, a hardware and also various devices for equipment of cases inside. At construction of a sliding wardrobe the choice of various zones of a case as most often such case occupies the big space is very important, respectively, has big capacity and may contain objects of different function.

The range of accessories of furniture also extends that does furniture more convenient, more functional. Rack, wardrobe, sliding and suspended systems and mechanisms help to distribute correctly sliding wardrobe zones, facilitate maintenance of an order in a case. Lifting mechanisms intend for many types of furniture. They can be used in furniture for kitchen and for a drawing room, for sliding wardrobes and for beds cases. Tendencies of creation of furniture are updated, proposing the consumer all new solutions.