Керамическая плитка в деревянном доме


Ceramic tile in the wooden house

Mass construction of houses from the rounded log first of all is caused by desire of most of compatriots to have environmentally friendly housing. Besides not each building material is capable to compete with natural beauty of the processed wood. By means of special processings the log house acquires a set of additional benefits: protection against rotting, ignitions and parasites. As a rule, owners of wooden structures prefer not to use additional materials for external and internal finishing to keep the pristineness of natural naturalness filling the house with heat and a cosiness. However thanks to innovative developments in the field of ceramics in the domestic market there was essentially new production which on appearance doesn't concede to natural wood. And her some operational characteristics ideally compensate some shortcomings of a natural analog.

It is the floor tile for a bathroom, kitchens, a hall and a drawing room which is surprisingly precisely imitating structure of a parquet board. Modern production of porcelain tile has reached such level that the surface of a covering reproduces texture of a tree which is almost indistinguishable from the original. It was the excellent cause for introduction in interior registration of the most courageous design developments. Especially use of ceramics has gained the development in wooden housing construction for facing of walls and a floor in places of the increased humidity – bathrooms, bathrooms, shower. What additional benefits does the tile "under a tree" have?

First, she can brag of the increased resistance to the destroying factors. Unlike a parquet board both the Italian, and Spanish ceramic tile for kitchen doesn't need additional actions for extension of her service life. It is durable and doesn't lose the attractiveness for many years of operation.

Secondly, to porcelain tile neither loadings, nor moisture influences, nor pollution, nor differences of temperatures are terrible. This material is recommended to use as a floor covering in rooms where the big passability of people is supposed.

Thirdly, the tile "under a tree" is simple in daily leaving. All pollution are eliminated in only a few seconds by means of damp cleaning or use of detergents. She doesn't demand special recovery work – paintings, varnishing and so forth.

As well as the rounded log, facing material it is absolutely safe for human health. His laying is quite feasible by own forces, without involvement of experts. Today the tile which imitates the most various breeds of trees, whether it be an oak or a rare species of the African tropical trees of wenge regularly goes on sale. The covering surface at the same time can be opaque or glazed, polished or structured. The last trend – floor facing in the form of the made old rough board.