Log cabins and bath-houses

Own production
of log cabin sets and construction

About company "Yumax": production of profiled timber, house sets

Our company was founded in 1991 by Yuriy Guryevich Slivnitsyn. The company at that time was a small sawmill. The course was immediately taken to the production of wooden log houses from rounded logs. All these years, our business has grown with our team. Today we are a team that can handle any tasks.


компания юмакс


Company executives

General manager

Slivnitsyn Yury Guryevich

Business manager

Slivnitsyn Maxim Yurevich

Production manager

Tselischev Vyacheslav Mikhailovich


Houses from profiled timber. Molded products. Thermowood


Design, own production of house sets and construction. Production of thermally modified wood. Planed molding: wall paneling, imitation of a bar, planken, floor board. Decking and deck boards, heat-treated planken. Rail.


логотип юмакс  - a registered trademark, the copyright of which is the individual entrepreneur Slivnitsyn Yury Guryevich.

Today, under the YUMAX brand, we design, produce and build wooden houses from profiled timber, design and build from rounded logs and glued timber. We produce more than a dozen positions of planed moldings: floor boardliningimitation of a bar / false beamplanken / front boardrail and etc. We have mastered the technology of thermo-modification of wood and the release of thermo-modified planken / facade boards, decking and deck boards.


Great experience, quality and reliability of work since 1991. We respect and fulfill GOSTs and DINs; TC for profiled timber has been developed. We work in the form of individual entrepreneurs, which means that we personally respond with all our assets. Fair prices are fixed no hidden extra charges. Convenient transportation location near the highway.




The technological process of production of profiled timber


Production of profiled timber. Timber, planed molding. Thermo-modified wood. Specifications and description. Information about products and production.


пиловочник для производства профилированного бруса


All sawlog, necessary for the production of profiled timber, is harvested by us mainly in the Verkhoshizhemsky district of the Kirov region.


пиловочник для производства профилированного бруса и оцилиндрованного бревна


The path of the production process at our house-building enterprise begins with the sorting of saw logs, which are subsequently sent to the sawing shop.


сортировка пиловочника для производства бруса


With the help of a chain disconnector for logs from a cumulative ramp, the logs are moved to the feed table of a cannon, where they are then sawn into a four-sided beam.


пиловочник калибруется в брус


There are drying chambers on the production that are capable of performing the procedure of drying timber and finished lumber with a volume of up to 600 cubic meters in month.


сушильная камера на 600 куб.м


Further, the dry timber (humidity 18-24%) enters the workshop, where subsequently crown joints are calibrated and cut according to the design of the future building.


сухой брус калибруется


The finished material is marked, sent to the warehouse, from where it is reloaded onto a truck and transported to the construction place houses from profiled timber.


готовый брус маркируется перед отправкой к месту строительства дома