Садовые лавочки для красоты и уюта


Garden benches for beauty and a cosiness


Garden benches will decorate the seasonal dacha and will create comfortable conditions for outdoor recreation. Stone, wooden and metal shops - of what do garden furniture.

At the dacha it is difficult to present rest without evening sit-round gathering in a garden. When it is possible to settle somewhere in the secluded town and a full breast to inhale aroma of magnificent greens and ripe fruit, to enjoy beauty of well-groomed beds, flower compositions and reservoirs. And one of the most important elements of the seasonal dacha are garden shops, comfortable and sound which will become not only a piece of furniture, but also will decorate a garden landscape.

The main requirements imposed to benches for giving and a garden is an attractive appearance, practicality and usability. Therefore at the choice of a product it is important to pay attention to design of a bench, to material and to quality of production. And, naturally, on own preferences.

Materials for garden shops

For production of shops use different materials, depending on what type of a bench will be chosen – stationary or folding. Some gardeners place emphasis on beauty of the site and make out in the form of "live furniture" of a construction from the turf which represent peculiar picturesque chairs and sofas. However such objects can serve only as scenery.

Most of summer residents prefer traditional character and try to buy shops in specialized shops or to make them independently. Distinguish garden benches of such types:

The wooden benches which are in the greatest demand for buyers. Products from a tree – it is always beautiful and convenient. Besides, it is difficult to find the most environmentally friendly material which will successfully fit into a landscape and will make with him a single whole. For production of benches use the breeds having high resistance to rotting - cherry, an oak, a larch, coniferous trees.


Stone benches which it is possible to call with confidence the strongest and durable pieces of park and country furniture. Stone garden benches make of quartzite, color or white marble and also of coarse-grained granite. Many products represent the combined option & ndash; for production of sitting use a tree.


Metal benches, as well as stone, are durable and simple in use. Such pieces of furniture will decorate any garden, and pig-iron products will become modernist style embodiment. During creation of shod benches application of a tree of which do convenient sitting and a back is possible.