Санузел, моечная и ванная комнаты в загородном доме


Bathroom, washing and bathing rooms in a country house


Obligatory attributes of any country house are sanitary zones, they have to be surely correctly designed and equipped that accommodation became really comfortable.

Comfortable accommodation in a wooden country house is impossible without competently designed sanitary zones. The bathroom, a bathroom, washing are necessary for various needs – respect for hygiene, washing, etc. For a country house it is more convenient to choose separate public health services – separately a bathroom and a toilet. The combined bathroom, let us assume, in case it carries out a role of the second, or if room space doesn't allow to equip separate services. If in a country house there is a connection to the centralized system of communications, bathrooms are equipped by analogy with city apartments. The ceramic tile and other strong materials can be applied to finishing. If the house has no hot water supply or isn't installed gas, the water-heating column on solid fuel is equipped. It demands the sufficient area of a bathroom which shouldn't be less than 4 sq.m.

For a country house with a personal plot it is rational to have washing - a laundry place – the utility room for shoe-polish, washing and cleaning of clothes, other household actions. Zhelatelnaya Square of washing – not less than 4 sq.m. In this room equip the pallet, a sink, if necessary a water-heating column on solid fuel. The heating copper can settle down in the neighboring room. It is convenient to have washing in an economic part of the building, near an exit to the site. It is good if this room is near kitchen and has an entrance to her. If washing is isolated, it is possible to equip in her a toilet bowl. Finishing of the room has to be carried out by the materials steady against moisture. The porcelain tile or a tile with a nonslipping surface which aren't creating danger of household traumatism will approach.

If washing isn't included into the project of a country house, a toilet and a bathroom it is better to arrange near the economic room or kitchen. If your wooden house has several floors, the combined bathroom have on the top floors near the bedroom, and the toilet and washing - a laundry place is equipped at an entrance to the house from a garden or the site. If in the house there is no centralized or local sewerage, it is possible to arrange the sanitary room bathroom and a side play rest room – a warm toilet with an underground vygreb and the ventilating channel via which air from a toilet is taken away outside. As a warm toilet at a stage of arrangement of a country house and connection to the systems of communications the dry closet can be used.