Пластиковые окна: как выбрать лучшее


Plastic windows: how to choose the best


Plastic windows have turned into category of well familiar things long ago. But their popularity grows every day. How among the huge variety offered by producers to choose qualitative goods?

It is better to get plastic windows at large, checked in the market, firms. Any company manufacturer seeks to offer the buyer the most optimal variant of purchase. But at one favorable price it turns out at the expense of high turns, and at others – thanks to cheap materials.

Profile – the most important indicator of quality of a window

Reliability of a design defines, first of all, her profile. It is that indicator on which don't save. That plastic qualitative, tells existence of the certificate of conformity to the ISO standards. Low-standard PVC in several years will turn yellow, will crack and will take an unattractive form.

Thermal insulation

This indicator, not least, depends on the size of a window and quality of assembly. But the main characteristic is, certainly, the type of the used double-glazed window. He can be one - two - and more chamber, simple or energy saving. In areas with soft climate it is enough to establish plastic windows with a simple single-chamber double-glazed window, and in middle latitudes of it will be insufficiently.

The simplified design (simple double-glazed window) made of low-issue glass (material with addition of atoms of silver) has good heat-insulating properties, and the price of her more, than is available. With the same purpose the space between layers can be filled with inert gas.

Noise isolation

Use of double-glazed windows of different thickness – the main secret of noise-attenuating windows. Here the principle of resonant absorption is used. At the request of the client, for a noise isolation the laminated glass, filling of space of a double-glazed window with gas and increase in space between layers can be used. These receptions allow to save the dwelling from excess noise as much as possible.

Air aeration

Both thermal insulation, and protection against noise – important characteristics. But without sufficient aeration of air the increased humidity indoors can remain and be felt a lack of oxygen. Many producers offer production with the ventilated profile. But cheap windows have an essential shortcoming – formations of condensate on glass.

Protection against breaking

This characteristic depends on the used profile, accessories and quality of installation. The wide profile allows to establish special burglar retardant accessories. Glazing by the tempered, armored and laminated laminated glass also is good protection against penetration into the dwelling of uninvited guests. Installation of special burglar retardant type of fastening transfers breaking force to outer side of a design.